April 13, 2024

I posted my latest YT story this evening, glad to be done with that. I’ve been fighting that for 4 weeks, and now it’s done, and least for a while until I revisit and revise. My thinking is to just make these 85% good and move on – I’ll revisit them all when my skill is much improved, and can revise considerably then.

I’ve really been enjoying reading vocabulary (I got some outdated/Shakespearean dictionaries at a local used book sale) and Shakespeare, although he can be a bit tiring with all the sex jokes and incessant references to cuckoldry. I’m not sure why the need for crudity for someone of his capacity, but whatever.

I’m super excited about working on my next story, whatever that will be. I did the fairy tale for my nieces, and then today’s for my father and nephew, and now I feel free to pursue a purely creative path not necessarily with a message. And I really think I want to try iambic pentameter.

There’s so much potential and beauty in language and the written word, I’m really excited about building my skill over the coming years.

One thing specifically I love about Shakespeare is his use of imagery, and specifically the metaphors he uses. I want to focus on that with my next story, because that’s absolutely a skill I want to develop – this is truly beautiful about language, and something that most of us rarely use.

Anyway, this was all about me, but it’s late and I wanted to post something and get in the habit of posting just about every day.

Oh, I got several books of “greatest poems of all time” at the sale, and I really like “Ulysses” by Alfred Tennyson – a really powerful theme and delivery, and that too is in iambic pentameter.