“We Built This City”

At the gym the other morning I heard the song “We Built This City” by Starship – it’s a fun song from the 1980’s and put me in a good mood when I heard it. We all have this experience, whether it’s a song, or a speech or just the sounds of nature. I was thinking later that what we hear is just vibrations in the air, and it’s our brains that turn those vibrations into thoughts and emotions that change our moods and how we feel physically.

It’s easy to be in a good mood when things are going well, but we all face difficulties in our lives, some minor and some severe. And we’re in a much better position to face these difficulties if we are in an open, healthy, and optimistic state of mind and body than a one that’s closed, pessimistic, and full of our self-imposed psychological fears and doubts. So the next time you hear a song that lifts your mood, remind yourself that you have the power to do that whenever you face difficulties, whether or not a catchy tune is playing on the radio.