3 things in your control when pursuing a passion as an unskilled amateur

Regardless of your time, money, circumstance, or even any realistic chance of success, here are three things always your control when you are pursuing something you are truly passionate about:

  1. Your bearing and conduct: How you carry yourself and conduct yourself speak volumes to the love and respect you have for the passion you are pursuing, and they are free and don’t take an extra time.
  2. Deliberate practice: Even if you’re an unskilled amateur, you can take a professional approach to following this path. Constantly get objective feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, especially when it’s emotionally difficult. Focus, as much as your time, money, and circumstance will allow, on developing your skills at every chance you get, to whatever extent you can.
  3. Persevere: If it’s something you love, you’ll simply keep going as best you can, with all the passion and respect that this path that you love deserves.