April 16, 2024

With the exception of three plays, all Shakespeare’s plots were borrowed from others – his focus was language and character, apparently. I was thinking, for my next story I’ll borrow a fairy tale plot and write it as a small play in iambic pentameter (blank verse – I’m tired of trying to rhyme). After doing the last two stories for my niblings, I feel free to go off and try new types of stories and new verse. My plan is to start easy, simple, without any expectations, and create a baseline for creating plays, and build from there. I might get tired of plays and need to move to prose at some point, but I think I might be sticking with plays for a while just to be able to really play with language. Not sure.

I’m in a period of reading a bunch of stuff about Shakespeare – the last day or two I’ve been reading “The Friendly Shakespeare” which is an overview of all things Bard. I’m also reading H6 P1, but after that I might move to Richard II to start from the beginning of his histories chronology.

I’m also reading books on grammar and vocabulary, and hopefully will be incredibly strong in both by the end of 2025.

I was talking to someone today about my experience of finding my passion, and it really was great to talk about that. It was, and continues to be, such a magical experience that gives me such focus and peacefulness of path (meaning I feel peaceful knowing I’m on the right path, unlike at any other time in my life).

That’s all for today.